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Our products are known for their reliability, performance and flexibility. Nicer Voice/Fax Over IP Gateways are Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) gateways that integrate seamlessly into your existing data net-work, data network, telephone system and hight-speed internet connec-tion. Nicer's VoIP solution is designed to help you maximize invest-ments you've already made in your IP network infrastructure. It is speci-fically designed for businesses that wish to reduce telephone costs by eliminating lines and long distance charges between frequently called sites.

Nicer's GLOPEX Network is now offering phone calls from Headquar-ters to Branches, Home, and Portable Clients without expensive toll charges. Communication is now simple and inexpensive with offnet through Nicer's Glopex to any PSTN in the world

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VoIP Products
  GLOPEX The Global Broadband Phone Network
In early 2005, Nicer launched its global phone services brand "GLOPEX"? targeting residential and business sectors from North America and through distributors in many countries around the globe. Users can subscribe to the service on-line at www.glopex.net and receive the GLOPEX broadband telephone adaptor (GLOPEX) through any of Nicer's distributors. Users will have telephone number mobility and be able to carry phone numbers with them anywhere in the world. Most importantly, no long distance charges are applicable between users using the GLOPEX service. As an added feature, users can receive and make calls to any phone number in the world. The new concept of Long-Distance phone service developed by Nicer will have a major impact on the traditional phone service market.

GLOPEX works in the same way as a traditional phone, but provides more features. Whether you are in you office or traveling abroad, you can connect to the GLOPEX service wherever broadband Internet connection is available.

  Any Device Can be a Phone
In addition to traditional telephones, VoIP can use almost any intelligent network device to make voice call. With a microphone and headset, users can make VoIP calls from PCs, notebooks and even PDAs.

Helping to dispel the perception of complexity, and in order to provide a level of familiarity with the process for making a call, carriers and independent soft ware vendors have developed "soft phones" to run on the non-standard devices. Most soft phones are designed to look very similar to traditional telephone handsets, with number pads and displays. However, unlike traditional handsets, soft phones often have extended functionality, such as direct dialing with address books or contact lists stored on the device.

  Industry Background
VoIP has grown significantly over the last several years as indicated by an increase in traffic and by hardware shipments. Cisco is now selling more than one million IP phones annually. Growth for VoIP hardware is predicted to continue, with In-Stat/MDR estimating 7 million VoIP phones in use by 2007.

In 2000, VoIP carried only 5.9 billion minutes of international traffic or just 4% of the total minutes carried. Three years later, TeleGeography estimated that VoIP carried 24.5 billion minutes--an increase to nearly 13% of the total international minutes. IDC also estimates that VoIP now carries about 10% of all voice traffic, both international and domestic.
According to Seaboard Group Research (September 2004), more than 15,000 Canadians already subscribe to VoIP plans in September 2004.

The fast growing market has attracted the attention of major communication companies as well as government organizations. Communication companies are seeking to partici-pate in the market while governments are trying to understand if and how VoIP should be regulated. The interest in the market, combined with the competitive pressure VoIP presents to existing communication industries makes for a complex and dynamic market.

Computer Telephony Products
Computer Telephony Products provides IP Business phone systems and applications tailored to meet the needs of your business. Leveraging next generation voice and data integrated communications technology with business process understanding, Vertical solutions enhance customer service, increase productivity and drive strategic business change for our customers.

Instant Office Integrated IP Communications Platform for Distributed Enterprises.

TeleVantage IP Business phone System for Small to Medium Businesses and Call Centers.

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